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At Bob’s Driveline Service our shop rate is significantly lower than the major car dealers, and even lower than simple consumer shops such as muffler, brake, tire, RV, and general repair. We use our very reasonable rate even for specialty work such as transmission rebuilding and flywheel resurfacing. Our repair hours are based on standard job labor times provided by independent shop-data programs such as ALLDATA Pro, so you can always be confident there is no inflation of hours.

We’re able to maintain this very competitive rate without cutting corners by following three key business principles:

  • Ethical business practices
  • No greed or ego
  • Low overhead, no frills, suburban industrial location
  • Earn customer loyalty through word-of-mouth, reputation, and relationships
  • Avoid complex schemes like reward points, store currency, etc. These all cost money and the customer pays for it.
  • No franchise fees to pay and no franchise pricing policies being enforced

  • Complete your diagnosis quickly by using state-of-the-art scan tools and ensuring all our technicians have up-to-date training in the latest automotive technologies.
  • We have only one person, Joe Reyven, in our front office. Joe answers the phone when you call and is fully knowledgeable to provide insight and recommendations over the phone, provide job quotes, schedule and direct the technicians, and source parts and external services at the best possible prices.
  • Access the latest and most complete information via online resources such as:
    • Identifix
    • Mitchell ShopKey
    • ATRA
    • ATSG
    • iATN
    • TRNW
    • TRNi
    • Hi-Tek Training
  • Specialize in powertrain work rather than maintaining tools, equipment and shop space for cosmetic work, tires, wheels, mufflers, glass, etc.
  • We do our specialized work in-house so there's no retail markup. Most shops send their driveline work out to specialty shops like us, and add their markup on top of our price.
  • Utilize the latest technologies, training, tools, and online resources
  • Doing what we love – all staff at Bob’s Driveline are car and truck lovers. We build our own vehicles for fun on the weekends.


TCM Reflash Specialfor GM 2500 and 3500 Series Vehicles (6L80 and 6L90 Transmissions)

$225 With every transmission service

With every transmission service, we’ll check to see if your Transmission Control Module (TCM) software code is up to date. If not, we’ll offer to upgrade it to the latest rev. For GM 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions we’ll do it for the special price of $225.

Vehicle manufacturers frequently write new software for the various control modules in their vehicles. Most people aren’t aware that their vehicle is the most powerful computing platform they own. A modern vehicle has anywhere from a dozen to well over 20 computer modules controlling everything from the fuel and timing maps and ABS braking systems to dynamic traction and stability control, and of course electronically controlled automatic transmissions. New software for a TCM can greatly improve drivability, durability, and fuel economy. A TCM Reflash will generally pay for itself in short order with reduced repair and fuel cost savings.

Special Pricing in effect until Dec. 31, 2017

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Overdrive Transmission Special

Starting from $1895

Building a Hot Rod, Street Machine, or Muscle Car?

Let Bob’s Driveline help with your driveline decisions. Did you know that putting an overdrive transmission in place of your old 3-speed will reduce engine speed by approximately 1000 RPM on the highway? That’s better for engine and transmission longevity, and it improves gas mileage. In most cases you can retain your existing shifter.

We can supply and build any transmission or differential and tailor it to your needs. We also do custom installations. Give us a call for any of your driveline needs. We have been in the same Aldergrove location since 1996 and do repairs of all domestic and foreign transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, flywheels, and clutches.

Special Pricing in effect until Dec. 31, 2017

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