Technical Tips

Bob’s Driveline Service offers a wholesale program to its fellow automotive industry businesses. Companies in the following sectors can partner with Bob’s Driveline for its specialized driveline services and receive commissions or discounts for outsourced jobs, bench jobs, and referrals, to Bob’s Driveline:

  • General Automotive Repair Shops
  • New and Used Vehicle Dealers
  • Truck and 4 x 4 Service Shops
  • RV Dealers

Bob’s Driveline offers wholesale services of the following drivetrain systems:

  • Custom driveline design and building
  • Transmission repair,rebuilding, replacement
  • Differential repair & rebuilding
  • Gear-set replacement
  • Transfer case repair & rebuilding
  • Flywheel resurfacing
  • Shift Kit installation
  • Drive angle alignment
  • Torque Converters/Clutches
  • Driveshaft and universal joint repair
  • Transmission band adjustment
  • Transmission coolers

We can arrange pick-up and drop-off of outsourced vehicles or bench job components.

Please call ahead to provide us the details of each referral job.

Call Bob’s Driveline for details of our wholesale discounts and commissions: 604 856 8816

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